trees, a collection

In recent years I have walked a lot through the Drenthe and Groningen landscape. This has created a fascination for trees, with their irregular shapes and structures.
A tree forms over the years under the influence of the weather, other environmental factors and human intervention. A tree is tactile. And a tree is history, time and story.
This project is a research on capturing what you sense and experience, rather than a (formal) registration.

Bennekom, jan – july 2020

Collection 2017 – 2019

In relation to this i am also researching slideshows as a method to create impact by ‘slow watching’. For this I use a Polaroid Digital Palette HR 6000, with which I can make slides from digital photos. I got it working by connecting it to an old school Power Mac G4 with OS 9.

Polaroid Digital Palette HR 6000